Law Vs. Ethics – 10 Reasons they are Different

The main things applies behind this systematic function that has been made by our government is to maintain the social relationship and harmony in the society among the humans. Ethics are something that is based up on moral values; ethics do not have fines, punishment whereas, law is rules and regulation which also have several punishments and penalties when violated. These can easily be finding in any society you would go through out the globe.

Talking about the ethics that is based on society, the government created the law and enforced it in the society to maintain the stability and a healthy relationship with other humans. The law is controlled by the legislature, the judiciary and the state officials within a particular country, state or city. They have been granted the duty to watch out for one should not break the law and the dignity should be maintain in the society.


The Law

There are differences between ethics and law, law keeps on changing and varies from state to state and country to country. Ethic views do not change unless and until any new information has been found, which would effect on the thinking of the people. Let’s point out some of the differences between laws and ethics are as follow –



1 – Ethics are considered as rules of conduct, whereas laws are the rules developed by the governments, which helps to establish balance in the society and protects their citizens. It sanctioned that what people are allowed to do and not to do in workplace. Helps to maintain the decorum of the society so that society is kept free from chaos.

2 – Law is being enforced by the governments to their citizens. This can vary from place to place, as different state could have different laws according to the situation. The thing which is illegal in some other state could be considered as legal act in other state. As ethics are derived from the awareness of the people, what is wrong and right for the society? Laws carry with them the punishment if any one tries to break the rules or violate the law, whereas ethics do not have any punishment, if the code of conduct gets violated. For example, if you are driving the car at a given speed limit, so that any one do not gets hurt is ethic but if you see a police car behind your car and this makes you drive slowly, so that you could not be get charged for violating the rules is considered as law.

3 – Laws are somewhat considered as moral codes which every person must confirm to. Whereas law are like codification of ethics which are meant for the regulation of the society.  Generally ethics are governed by the government itself, whereas the ethics are governed by the individual, professional and legal norms. Mainly the law is being finalized by the three branches of the government i.e. the legislature, the judiciary and the state officials, before they came into action and is handled by the police or military organizations.

4 – Law is something that is being published in writing or can be expressed. While ethics are abstract, they are not written or expressed, but these are some basic code of conduct which every one tends to follow unless and until something new have been introduced. There are written laws for any of the offenses, a person should be held for a charge according to the sections prescribed in the law. Whereas in ethic there is no such proceedings, as it is all hanging over the human conduct.

5 – Law is created with an intention to bring social harmony and peace in the society and to safe guards the rights of the citizen. While ethics are made to help people and decide what is right and wrong. They can also act if the things are going to a wrong direction. As if any of the people violates the law, he should be held guilty and could be punished as per law. This prevents the chaos in the society and helps in running it at peace. While if a person cheats on his wife or tells a lie, it is not an illegal act, this is an ethic and they should solve this on their own.

6 – If the ethics are being violated, there are no punishments or fine to be paid. But if you neglect or violate the law, you can be help under severe punishment or could be fine depending upon the crime you have committed. Sometimes it also happens that something that is legal shouldn’t be always ethnic. For example broking a promise is legal but many consider it as unethical. These two often leads to the same result, but they are different at many levels.

7 – We all know that killing a person is an illegal offense. It is also an unethical, but what could be done if law orders a person with a death sentence, that is when law overcome the ethics. This is so because any person who commits crime could be charged or punished for violating the laws that were meant to maintain the peace and harmony of the state.

8 – Ethics is something that is derived from the moral values, it is something that humans when enters the society, he learns how to manage his social behavior and relationships in the society. Whereas the law is something that is made with the guiding principles derived from the ethics. For example, when one is living in the society he or she could have some good relations or bad with the other humans in the society. He may wish to interact or not with the community, this is not illegal. While as per law, if one violates the rule of the society or tend misbehave with the society member’s or trouble any of the humans is considered as an illegal act and he should be held liable for that and face the several consequences.

9 – Government is the one who creates the law. This may be local, regional, national or international. These different levels of the government decide and regulate the laws according to the need of the society. Whereas on the other hand ethics are governed by the legal, professional or individual platforms. This can include the workplace ethics, environmental ethics or where ever you tend to live, study or work. They all have some of their own ethics which is needed to be followed by the humans.

10 – The objective of law is to create social order and peace within the nation and the state. Judiciary is the one, who make and brings it into action.  This safeguards the moral values of the society and the people living n the society. While ethics helps a person to decide what is good or bad for the society in which he live. The transformation in the society or the changes are carried by the guide line followed the ethics.

Conclusion – Thus law and ethics are different at many levels. They are meant to maintain the alignment, so that they do not mean to contradict each other at any levels in the society.  They both goes parallel to each other, so that they do not meant at a certain point. Every individual is meant to be seen equal in the eyes of both ethics and laws. Nobody is meant to be superior or inferior in the eyes of both. Thus these both are necessary for the healthy society as they give the power to choose and think freely. Thus they are never meant to be one, but offers a free and peaceful nature for the society for the well being of the humans.

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