About Us

Hey I am Shantanu sinha and I am 21 year old boy from India. I wanted to do research work in the field of law and hope that I could present you the legal terms and the case laws in the very digestive manner so that there would not be any problem for any common individual, to getting the law directed by their country and also if they are travelling to any other country, which is having their own laws and regulation.,

Welcome to our Legal corner – LawsNext


Our main focus with Lawsnext is to create a space in the legal world where information related to laws aren’t presented in the same boring and traditional way. We will try to make boring news – Interesting – and will present it to you in a more easily digestible format so that you can consume it with the slightest of effort. As I am newbie in the world of blogging so hard work for me keep on repeating and repeating, for providing in with better information through my post.  Though there is law behind everything were intend to do. We are bound by the laws in this contemporary world. The laws are something that was is aware of but it is regarding anything highly offensive done by us.  Small mistakes also sometimes could result in some harsh punishment by the law if we are not aware of the laws.

Through this corner I want to bring up those law terms in a simple manner so that, the decorum of the law which have being made, could not be neglected and would help people in getting better knowledge of the laws that we could be aware of.

Thus I would like to keep this legal corner updated with some of the main legal problems faced throughout the globe. Keep close for more information.

Thank you.